Premium Snorkel Sets

Premium Snorkel Sets

What’s the point of snorkeling if you’re swallowing water and your mask is leaking and fogging? Our premium, frameless snorkel masks, dry snorkels, and soft, fitted Malaysian rubber fins can only guarantee the best most comfortable snorkeling experience for you whether you’re watching octopus at Maluaka, or cruising the reef at Olowalu. All snorkel sets come with premium mask, dry snorkel, fitted Malaysian rubber fins, fish card for you to identify who you’re swimming with out there, a bottle of defog to keep those lenses fog free, and a mesh bag to carry all your gear while you float around all of Maui’s best beaches.

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Looking for the best snorkel rentals in Kihei? We have the lowest, more straightforward prices on the island with no price gimmicks! Plus, we’re right in the heart of all the best Kihei Condos and Wailea Resorts.
Our premium dry snorkels will have you breathing fresh air without swallowing water, and keep you focused on turtles galore, tropical fish, and maybe even octopus if you’re lucky!
Every snorkel rental comes with a Premium Mask, dry snorkel, fitted Malaysian rubber fins, map of Maui’s best snorkeling sites, restaurants, scenic stops, fish identification card with REAL Maui fish, defog (we’ve come a long way, you no longer need to spit inside your mask!) and an easy mesh carrying bag to keep all your gear together.

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